My number one priority will be getting Europe growing again and getting people back to work. The Juncker Commission's top priority is to get Europe growing again and increase the number of jobs without creating new debt.

The Commission's Jobs, Growth and Investment package will focus on cutting regulation, making smarter use of existing financial resources and making flexible use of public funds – to provide up to €300 billion in additional private and public investment over the next three years.

This investment should be targeted towards:

1. Infrastructure – broadband, energy networks and transport infrastructure

2. Education, research and innovation

3. Renewable energy and energy efficiency

4. Projects to help young people find work (building on the Youth Guarantee scheme).


1. Offering better loans or guarantees with greater risk capacity;

2. Using the 2016 review of the EU’s long-term budget to steer EU funds towards jobs, growth and competitiveness;

3. Encouraging national governments to boost growth and investment, within the limits of the EU’s.

4. Freeing small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) from red tape, to promote entrepreneurship and job creation.