Filters and Valves


Water filtration is important for all irrigation systems. Filters can help extend the life of, and lower the maintenance on, your sprinkler system. For drip systems they are a necessity to prevent emitters from becoming plugged. Even if small sand particles can pass through your system without clogging it, they cause wear on the equipment. Automatic valves contain very small water passageways in them which can become plugged resulting in the valve failing to either open or close. A small grain of sand caught in a spray nozzle can result in a dry, dead spot in a lawn.

While sand is probably the first thing most people think needs to be filtered out of the water, organic materials can be just as important to remove. Algae can grow inside the system, especially in drip tubes. Another situation occurs when a small piece of organic matter snags somewhere in a valve, fitting, emitter, or sprinkler. The organic matter by itself may not be large enough to be a problem. But soon another piece comes along and gets caught in the first. Then a very small grain of sand that would normally have passed through the system without problems becomes caught in the organic matter. Soon a large build-up of crud forms and the flow is blocked. Have you ever had the hose on your vacuum cleaner clog up with a wad of hair, small objects, and dirt? Each one of those objects went into the hose, so they should have made it through to the canister. But they didn't because they all got caught together. The same thing happens in your irrigation system.

Valves are recommended for use in irrigation and turf applications. Entirely manufactured from durable plastic materials or metallic materials, with state of the art patented diaphragm, the valve offers the best corrosion resistance available in plastic technology with the stream lined. Our valves operate with a patented reinforced diaphragm, which eliminated the need for a metal spring. The special elastic design enables gradual and precise opening and closing of the valve, ideal for regulation purposes. By eliminating the metal spring is virtually maintenance free.

Helitene currently has a wide range of filtration equipments and valves so if you have the interest or just curious about it, please call our sales team.